About the Jewelry

These being our corporate values, Elementz by Prerna strives to provide same luxury and style in each piece designed and created that of fine jewelry. As a leader in lifestyle luxury, Elementz by Prerna takes  upon itself as an obligation to protect the natural environment. We strive to ensure we respect our nature-earth which provides us with so much life and beauty.

We ensure the use of lab created stones with the same properties that of natural stones. For example, hydro rubies, emeralds, sapphires, Swarovski. These can be set in semi-precious metals such as Copper, Brass, 925 Sterling Silver. Each pieces is finished with fine 18 karat gold plating which allows to maintain non-tarnish and non-allergic, fashion jewelry pieces. 

In our effort to protect the environment and nature, we hope that our avoidance to utilize mined gemstones, diamonds and precious metals, will contribute to preserving our limited natural resources and the negative impacts upon air, surface, and water. While it takes away the jobs in the mining industry, it does utilize other skill sets and create equal or more jobs in the society to help further develop economies globally without direct risk to life from mining.